About Troy

Who I am

My name is Troy Herrera and I’m a business to business marketing professional who is responsible for demand generation of high technology communication products. I’ve participated in a wide array of marketing aspects, including product marketing, product management, content development, strategy, segmentation, targeting and marketing automation. I enjoy learning, challenging myself and actually solving problems instead of talking about solving problems.

Why I’m so excited about marketing:

Do you remember when you first realized that circuit switched networks would soon be displaced by IP/TCP based packet networks? Probably not, but I remember when I had this realization of innovation which was about to occur. It was 1994, before most people were on the Internet. What does this have to do with marketing you might ask? Well, I believe we are entering a similar and exciting era of innovation in marketing. In the next few years marketing automation, social media and digital insights and technologies will change our industry more than we can possibly imagine.


What do I do when I’m not working and blogging:

I enjoy running and cycling and just being outdoors in beautiful Colorado. I don’t sit idle all that long, so on the weekends when I’m not blogging, running or cycling, I’m likely to be working on something around the house, working on the car, researching a new topic on the web, or watching one of my three children excel in what they choose to do. The gears in my brain just don’t like to stop until I go to bed and even then my wife tells me that I talk about things in my sleep.