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Pepsi Max commercialGood social media advertising invokes human emotions. It shouldn’t be about your company, what products you have, or what new promotion you’re offering today. It seems to me that only a few organizations understand this well. Those that do understand are going to win more customers and the hearts and minds of their customers.

Pepsi Gets an A+

Take Pepsi’s Drive Test advertisement which had several critics claiming that the ad was a fake. So, when NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon decides to participate in a revenge stunt on one of those critics, Travis Okulski, a blogger for JALOPNIK.COM, things go wildly wrong with a State Trooper police chase in Test Drive 2. Of course, the police chase was supposed to happen as this was all part of a revenge stunt. How do you know it’s good? When the radio host on your morning drive to the office is talking about it, you know it’s good. In just four days it’s had over 11 million views on YouTube and climbing. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and have a good laugh:

Was it Real?

So was Test Dive 2 real or was this a fake as well? Would State Troopers really participate in a prank like this? Apparently, the debate continues as many are questioning the validity of this one as well. As a marketer it really doesn’t matter if it’s real or a fake. What matters are whether your audience is engaged, sharing your content and talking about you. In this case, Pepsi won big time, so kudos to the marketing team who came up with this and Jeff’s abilities to not only drive a car but to pull off some good acting as well. PepsiMax has a human face and its fun, laughable and worth sharing. It’s Jeff Gordon taking people on wild rides whether they like it or not. Business Organizations Need a Human in Social Media.

Does your organization have a human face? If so, does it speak to your company, its products or services or the promotion de jure? Does your social advertising invoke human emotions that people want to share? To do this well you need to be authentic. As more advertising transitions form paid television to social, those that tell a human story well are going to reap the rewards. Lastly, let me add my own doubts to this stunt as to whether or not it was real. And, PepsiMax, if you want to prove me wrong, go ahead and give it your best try.

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  1. Tim Corken says

    I love the comment “As a marketer it really doesn’t matter if it’s real or a fake. ” It’s so true. Invoking human emotions is a critical aspect to effective marketing. Great article!

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